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What is "After story of DBGT ~Uub/Pan~" ?

""After story of DBGT ~Uub/Pan~" is the web site of "DRAGON BALL GT" fan comic by kotosaki, which translates a Japanese version into English.
All the comincs here are love stories of Pan and Uub, if they're grown up and falling love with each other. There is'nt any other couples.
This website has no connection with official HP, the original author, and animation company.It is a personal website made by DRAGON BALL Fan, and helped by volunteer translators.
Please do not complain to the couple(Pan and Uub), even if you like other ones. I won't accept any arguments about critisizing the couple.
Please do not use any images ( artworks and photos on my site) on your site without permission. At least, I hope you e-mail me before you post it.
All right reserved. Thank you.
I asked my friends English translation, so there might be some mistakes. I hope you don't mind.
I am not very good at Englih, so it takes time to reply,but if you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.


2013/02/24・・・ Ep07_11up

2013/02/20・・・After story of DBGT ~Uub/Pan~ Open Ep01up